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The Nutbuddy has an all steel frame and adjustable handle that is finished in a long lasting powder coat paint. The original Nutbuddy comes with 18 nylon disks and 17 nylon fingers made from a high grade of nylon that remains flexible even at temperatures below zero. The Nutbuddy will pick up any nut with a diameter of 5/8 of an inch or larger, such as pecans. The spacers, disks and fingers can be changed so that the Nutbuddy will pick up smaller nuts such as acorns. There will be a small charge for parts and labor if the narrower spacers are needed.

The Nutbuddy works by catching the nuts between the nylon disks. As the Nutbuddy disks are rolled over, the fingers pick the nuts from between the disk and they simply roll into the basket. Sometimes, if the nuts are long and have paper shells, and they are lying diagonally to the disk, some may be cracked or even broken in half. Though this rarely happens (less than 3% of the time), we like our customers to know exactly what to expect from our machine. It will also pick up a few leaves if they are flexible, but will not pick up sticks, twigs and most other debris. The Nutbuddy works best in grass less than 3 inches tall. Give us a call and order one today and you will see for yourself (for the money) The Nutbuddy works pretty pecan-pickin’ good in just nearly any condition.

Under normal conditions a person pushing the Nutbuddy can fill the basket in fifteen minutes or less. The basket is held in place by 2 clip pins, which are easily removed so the basket can be emptied. The basket holds about 8-10 pounds of pecans, or about ˝ a five-gallon bucket. If you are not satisfied with your Nutbuddy, simply return it and we will refund your money.
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